KOR Site Feasability Studies

Site investigations

KOR.u.s will provide a Utility Plan Statutory search, which will cover 40 asset owners in the UK. The search area for each site will cover 1 (one) kilometre sq search area.

Asset owners can take up to 20 days to return plans.

We check all received plans for accuracy.

KOR.u.s Underground Services Search is a service for anyone needing to locate buried services such as electricity cables, gas pipes, water mains, sewers etc. This information could be used to determine the proximity of services to a new development, to enable excavation works to be carried out safely, to determine whether a particular area of land is suitable prior to an acquisition, or for numerous other reasons.

Before proceeding with the acquisition of a site for any reason it makes sense to check what services run underground - these may render the site unsuitable for construction works. Making sure you are aware of such potential pitfalls could make the difference between proceeding with the acquisition of a site only to find that it cannot be built and choosing a cheaper alternative location. Alternatively, it could be beneficial that there are services if a connection to them is required - this information could make the difference between a project being viable or not.

Any organisation that carries out construction or building works involving sub-surface excavation works are required by the Health and Safety Executive to obtain information on buried services and apparatus that may exist before starting work.

Knowing the whereabouts of buried plant is important not only from a health and safety viewpoint but is necessary to avoid danger and potentially expensive damage to services as well as the related cost of the delay and disruption.

Third party damage is very expensive?

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