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We work hard to develop lasting relationships with our clients and our business has grown largely from repeat work. Our expertise and resources has enabled us to meet clients’ needs while maintaining a cost effective, quality service from feasibility through to successful project completion. Our service is essential in developing a long term relationship with our customers; we can only achieve this if we continue to exceed their expectations. Under the pressure of increasing competition in the market it is essential that costs are minimised. Our work with M & E consultants is vital both from the consultant point of view as well as our own.

We aim to build honest and open relationships.

We are happy to work with consultants and developers on projects where we have no design responsibility.

KOR.u.s ethos is their belief that there should not be any surprises for clients; this is achieved through a very clear line of communications between our clients and consulting engineers.

KOR.u.s will provide technical advice to companies requiring NERS accreditation.


Lloyds Register define a Technical Advisor as a person appointed by the UCP (Utility Connections Provider) who has the appropriate level of qualification and operational experience (subject to the relevant scopes of work undertaken/to be undertaken) to advise the UCP on the fundamentals of the industry and the scheme. The Technical Advisor may be employed on a consultancy basis. Lloyds Register regards a Utility Connection Provider (UCP) as – a company meeting the requirements for accreditation and which has been assessed as competent in accordance with the scheme requirements.

KOR.u.s will act as your technical advisor or assessing officer for NERS acreditation.

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